I created a icon to test on a map but whenever I try to test it on the game it doesn't show the icon just a empty icon moving but it seemed to pop up when I used a pixmap icon.
Are you doing this?:

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GASP no I did it differently but I'll see if it works, thanks
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ehhh...I did but I'm having a problem with the locate code and src.icon....Edit: got it to work but still not appearing
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src.loc=locate(x,y,z) ???
Edit: If you have icon_states in the dmi file. you would also have to include src.icon_state="Name of the state or frame"
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oh cool, that was apparently the problem thanks for the help!
If there is nothing relocating your mob at mob/Login() or client/New() (including loading from a savefile), then your location is defaulted to 0,0,0. And you need to define an icon (and icon_state if needbe) for your mob to be "visible".
//like so...
icon = 'whatever.dmi'
//icon_state = "state"

This is assuming your never changed your world/mob setting.