So,i've got my ship icon. It's 195x197 but as we all know,BYOND deals with those icons as if they were 32x32 , making it only have a small 32x32 part of it which is dense.

I tried using Bound_width and Bound_height it just ruins the movement (i'm not using Pixel Movement).Are there any other ways i could make that huge icon handled by BYOND as if it was 195x197 and not 32x32?I'm out of ideas so your help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
Nope. You could try rounding the dimensions of the ship to the nearest multiple of 32, but I'm not sure if that would still take out the gliding action.
Do what Kaiochao suggested and change the dimensions to a multiple of 32(or whatever your world.icon_size is).

Gliding is only supported with icons that have a size and step_size that is a multiple of the world icon_size.