I've been trying to find an efficient way to code different sizes above 32x32 in the TILED map format, and right now I've came up with something that's about 128x96. Let me explain:

It's basically an attack that walks in your direction. The problem I have is that if I code the attack I have to place each one where they go for each side. That's a lot for me to do.

My thoughts: Is it possible to make it where the attack is just one line, and the icons behind it are overlayed and set with a pixel_x or pixel_y of -32, -64 and such. Only thing is, I'd have to edit the pixel_y and pixel_x depending on if the icon is going north, south, east or west. (Also, the icon looks the same in all four directions)

Help would be appreciated!
You'll have to code offsets either specify them as icon_state in icon file. Then you could loop through all icon_states, using text2num() find their position and adjust pixel_x and pixel_y according to that.