is there any way to relate 2 obj on different Z Levels togather something like a house sign with a list of allowed ppl and a console inside house
You can link the two objects via tag and code it so that when the list of people allowed in is changed the console will update too.
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an example would be nice
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Permit = list() // List of permitted mobs
Link // Linked Objects

Sign // Sign


set src in view()
if(src.Owner == usr) // If the object is owned by the user
/* These next few steps are redundant, but I personally like to use redundancies
to make sure that the game works the way that I think it does before I simplify*/

var/list/Peepz = list() // Define Peepz to be an empty list
for(var/mob/M in world) // Loop through mobs in world
if(M.client) // If it's not an NPC
Peepz += M // Add it to Peepz
var/mob/P = input() in Peepz // Define P to be a mob that the person selects from Peepz
src.Permit += P // Add the selected mob to the Permitted list
for(var/obj/O in world) // Loop through world again, this time for objects
if(O.Link == src.tag) // If the object is linked to the src
O.Permit += P // Update their list as well

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tnx i will give it a try but how can i make it like i a mob died and respawn in to the house how can i make kick player out of house verb
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Respawn in House: Set respawn location

Kick player from house: Set kick location. You'd want to make sure that they were in the house first though.
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i am thinking on making a list for that
Edit: wuldn it be better if i use ID instead Tags