Hi guys,

I am trying to remake my login screen but i got a small problem. When i compile it says 'src.loc' cannot change its constant value, so i tried making it 'usr.loc' but the the click proc doesnt work when i click 'new' in the login screen.

mouse_opacity = 2

Im sure the answer to this is real simple but im not seeing it atm.

Why is this a mob? And your locate is probably better with a location instead.
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okay i can use a normal location, but doesnt it have to be a mob? cause it is just the screen i need to change from.
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Why would it have to be a mob.
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i dont know actually thats why i use src.loc but once i use usr it doesnt give me errors but i need it at src
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You're thinking about this all wrong. Source is the thing you are clicking.
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wait so if im correct, it has to be the usr wich chances location but then again why doesnt it work then when i click at the turf?
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turf/Load {
icon = 'lol.dmi';
icon_state = "ftw";
mouse_opacity = 1;
layer = 5;
density = 1;
usr.loc = locate(3,3,3);

That 'should work'.

Whenever you use Click() on atom (Which can be for example turf/obj/mob, etc) src references to that atom, and usr references to whoever clicked the atom. So in this case usr is Ocean King and atom is the turf/Load.
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thank you very much, it worked and i now understand more about when to use usr or src.