Okay so, my current 'complete banning' solution is to ban by IP, Key and ComputerID. If one matches and the others don't, they either get updated or added to the list (associated with the key).

However, not only can an IP be changed, but a 'Computer ID' can be spoofed in roughly two or three clicks with a single digit edit. What i'd like to know is how a Computer ID on BYOND is generated, and if it'd be possible to check for differences. For example, if just one or two digits is different, chances are someone is trying to spoof past the system.

If this isn't possible, does anyone have any suggestions to go about this more effectively?
Banning with Dream Daemon is very effective.
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How so? I don't know much about Daemon but I assumed it did pretty much the same thing I'm already doing. Thing is I'm trying to come up with a solution that doesn't require Daemon.
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You could do a cookie ban. Place a file inside their computer and if you game finds the file when they login it kicks them out.
Just make sure you don't tell people it's a cookie ban.
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That actually sounds like a good idea. I don't know what you define a cookie as (lol) but I get the gist of how to do it. Additional suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Because it does everything at once[1], and it bans on the network. [Citation needed]

I will say this though, it's highly unlikely that someone will be so damned determined in that they'll try to "unban" themselves every time you ban them. They might do it once or twice, but after that, they will (probably) leave. Also, I find that total banning is not as necessary as one might think. People always think they need banning so badly when I haven't really found an example that one would, except in the case of anime games. But anime games are roamed by total tards quite a bit, so that is to be expected.

Anyway, I found this article. I read it once, and I remember that it was pretty informative. You might want to check it out.
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Will do, thank you for the information. I've seen people dodge bans outside of anime games. The reason I'm searching for a non-daemon route though is because, say, I host a game on a shell, and I dont want to give my servers admin team shell access, they'd need a route to ban effectively. Plus, dodging the 3 main routes I have now is so easy. All it'd take is someone with a few effective scripts to dodge it constantly. Would it happen often? No, but I feel I should defend against it anyway. I mean it's the same thing with DDoS attacks. Will it happen often? Probably not, since people are on top of this lately, but it'd suck to not be prepared and have all sorts of drama, etc.
There are lots of ways to ban someone...

Cookie Ban - Easy To Avoid
IP Ban - Easy To Avoid
Key Ban - Easy To Avoid
CID Ban - Not so easy to avoid
Client Side Savefile Ban - they probably won't know you have a file IN their byond stuff to keep dem bant, and you'll have to do it for each key, but still easy to avoid
Give them a badge or set a score to signify they are bant - easy to avoid

Why do you think it's so easy to avoid a CID ban?
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For every ban I currently employ, I know how to avoid it. The idea is to grow my banning kit so that time becomes more of a factor as a deterrent.
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Stevenw9 wrote:
For every ban I currently employ, I know how to avoid it. The idea is to grow my banning kit so that time becomes more of a factor as a deterrent.

So, you know how to avoid a ban, without using a virtual machine to change your CID temporarily?
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Discussing specifics of how to dodge bans over the BYOND forums feels dirty. *BYOND Pages*