Sorry to bother all you busy, busy people but I could really use a Login delay system. All the information I can provide is I use a very simple character handling system, and although simple, if a person Logs in and out too quickly it causes some sort of bug with the save, and then it crashes the server.

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated, it's probably more simple than it looks in my mind, but I simply don't have the experience using DM to make this.

I'd suggest a Logout() delay, that might work.

//insert saving code here
del src
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Hmm... it could do.
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You do not need a <font face=courier>sleep()</font> here and saving on <font face=courier>mob/Logout()</font> would be somewhat redundant. I would advise you to save on <font face=courier>client/Del()</font>, making sure the client holds a mob.

When you're calling <font face=courier>..()</font>, anything before it processes before the default procedure call.