How do I check the turfs below an object?

I'm using step to move my mob's Object here and there, but it's a problem because I can't seem to call a turf's Entered() proc, so is there an easy way to fix that?

are you overriding Entered()? If you are, remember you have to put ..() in there somewhere so that it operates normally.

Otherwise, to get a turf that it under an object, just use var/turf/t=obj.loc unless the object is being held by a mob, in which case obj.loc will give you the mob holding it.
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I didn't call the original, thanks. But it still doesn't seem to work correctly, it seems to recognize it but only once. So it doesn't quite fix the problem.

I also read in the DM Ref that Entered is only called through Move() and I'm using step to move the objects, could that be the cause? If so, how could I fix it?
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Well, step() should call Move() on it's own. Are you overriding step() anywhere? Also, if you're moving the object form the mob to the ground or vice versa, you should just use Move() or loc=locate()
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I'm not overiding the default step (I think.) I'm just calling it. Here's a post with some of my code:

That should give you a visual.
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Is the proc causing a loop and crashing at all?
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I gotta go, but I fixed it. It wasn't crashing, but all worked out. xD

I'll explain later, sorry.