Out of curiosity, is there anyway to link your hosted byond game with a website that's not linked to byond in any way?

A better way of explaining this is... Is there a way to go to and go through a list of inputs to create a character(A .sav file) and then go to and login to the server and be able to access said .sav file and load your character like that?

I know I'm severely overcomplicating my game, but I want my game to be as unique as possible(On BYOND) and strangely enough, that's most of the features from popular MMOs.

Anyways I know it's possible to retrieve previously created files from other websites but without being able to create it off-site as well then it won't work.
I'd imagine its possible, Vermolius kind of did something similar to this (he sent information about Efencea servers to another website)
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Good, that gives me something to go off of! Thanks!