Yeah well uh... I hit something and now my backspace doesn't work in byond anymore >_> You're first thought is probably going to be "Duh, insert," well I'm on a laptop which is oddly doesn't have insert then you might think numlock 0 but the same problem arises, it's a laptop... Anyways, are there any other ways around this? /ragequit
Well, of course, the simplest fix would be closing Dream Maker and re-opening it. (I think that works. If not, restarting your computer, maybe.)
I don't know what else, besides searching Google to find out if there is some way to fix it.

(Heheh. My laptop has a num pad and there's an Insert key through Fn+Delete as well.)
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My laptop is just weird :S, I think restarting it worked though I haven't had the chance to check since I'm at work today till 5.