Mainly I want to know if this is even possible with byond, though I'm fairly certain it is..

Anyways what I really need to know is, is there a way to combine the text thats sitting in input1 and assign it to a variable and the text thats sitting in input2 and assign it to another variable then have (let's say a and b) variable a = username and variable b = password and if a and b match the login info, then presto! You're in! I've designed this so far with a login window, so after your login is succesful I will simply make the login window disappear and you will see the game window behind it so, in theory you "Logged in"... Yes I know it's severely overcomplicated for a login, I just want to try something new..

If you can't understand my wall of text please feel free to ask me to clarify! :D
Okay so I got it set up to where if you type in your username then hit enter, then type in your password in the second box and hit enter and then click enter it will log you in...

But, I need it to do that without having to hit enter after you type in the two boxes if possible.. o.o
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winget(<player>, <input id>, "text")

Winget both inputs to get the text that is in them.
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Ah winget! So simple yet so hard... Thanks a million!