I know this is a simple question but I have forgotten a lot of things from coding so uh... How do I send text to a different outbox, or a specific one? would it be default.ooc << "fdgdsg" or is it world << default.occ << "dfgsfg" or what? :S Thanks in advance!
You use the output() process to specify the specific output control you want to display the message in.
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Thanks! Though I figured it out myself shortly before you replied, however that's not whats causing the issue, my problem is being caused somewhere between the different windows, the chat window and the actual game window... For whatever reason I can't get the text to go to my chat window; I'll just take it out for now >_>
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When you use the output command you have to specify window as well, make sure the output you're trying to send it to reads as "window.output" when trying to use it.