What's the most efficient way to make a changelog?

Efficient how?
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Fastest, most efficient, low loading time, bestest, ..
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Lowest loading time and fastest is obviously just to have a string of text that you push into an output or browser control. Changelogs are hardly renowned for their computational complexity.

Thaaat's about it. Best of course depends who we're deciding it's best for. It's pretty much the first thing a player closes and cares no more about, on 99% of plays. It wasn't even really worth this topic to discuss, unless you had a specific problem with some specific code for changelogs.
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Stephen's making fun of you.
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Pretty much. Because it's a silly question.

If someone asked me to do this industry, I'd ask them if they haven't got something actually important for me to do, or which moron managed to mess up a changelog.
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Well, I thought there would of been different ways and I wanted know what the most efficient way was. Sorry if I asked a silly question, didn't mean to waste your time.
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Of course there are different ways, infinite numbers of them probably. What I want to know is, under what possible scenario could it conceivably matter, provided it works "well enough"?

All your programming is presumably for some purpose, providing some user experience. I just don't understand what makes a person think, "I'd like to display a changelog to the user. I suspect this is going to be slow to display (why???????), and the user would get upset by this. I should find out efficient ways of doing it."

Just your basic competence in programming solves this one.
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I would say that a "changelog" is only necessary for you to keep track of certain features that you tried and whether or not they were good. It's also a way of telling the player what you added to the game in the update. The most efficient way is just a way that's easy to read.