How do I actually change the mob type after, lets say, after the creation of their character. My world/mob type has been set to /mob/Loginscreen.

Also, every verb that I set under the mob tree, will it be available for every type of mob?

Thanks, Raimo.
At the end of the char creation proc, you could just add this:
var/player/mob = new player/mob2

I'm not really sure though but I think that's right.
You could try modifying the client.mob variable. I want to note though, you will "Login" every time you change the mob.

And yes, all mobs inherit the verbs from the /mob tree.
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I'm not planning to actually use the Login() proc, but my own Load proc. Anyway, does this works:
var/mob/Player/M = new
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/player is not a proper path. And even if you did create a player datum, you're only defining a variable player/mob to be a new player/mob2. That code alone will yield an error "mob variable defined but not used."
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Are you trying to create a new mob, modify it's variables, and then make the player that mob? It's certainly possible, but it sorta revolves around the concept of a "pseudo-mob" for lack of a better word. The problem is with the mob that the client is connected to. You cannot create a new mob and delete the old mob because the client is still connected to the old mob. Thus, changing the client.mob variable.

I cannot tell what your code is trying to do because all it does is create a new mob.