Before you post, let me get more descriptive. I'm playing my game, click on my Aqua Dragon, then a small window pops up with a close up picture of him looking at you puzzled (Not the dragon icon, but a normal image like 400 x 400) and on that picture are buttons. One button Pets him, Rides him, Talks to him, etc.

I would like to know how to click on an object/verb in the stat window, Then a Window Pops up with an image background and buttons that call verbs/procs.

Does this have to do with interface or can you easily do this with code? I'd really appreciate some code help or a resource/article/demo would also be very helpful.

I'm kind of clueless on how to do this so, I would love some light. Thanks a lot!
make a skin and make a window named Dragon. Then in your verb show that window (code below). you can add buttons to that window to do whatever you want (check the skin reference).

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I checked the reference to check out the winshow() proc and learned that it set the window's "visible" to 1/true. Problem was, windows are visible by default when made and it didn't occur to me that the "visible" check box, should be checked off so it can be checked(set to 1 through the proc), so I got it working properly. Thanks a lot Paki!