Hello. I have a problem with a code again. Now I'm trying to equip item when it is made in inventory. To do so, new() proc should do following things:

1. When new item is created, output it's name to the creator of the item:

var/obj/O= new object(L)//object var is a path like obj/axe or obj/stone. L is the location, which is either a turf or the maker of object
M<<"[O]"//outputs the name of made item to M

2. When object is made, it must call it's New() proc:

new object(L)

world<<"New() called"//outputs message if New()is called

3. It must use object var to know what item to make.(Both codes use it)

The problem is, don't know how to make a proc that does all three things at once. If I add New() proc from 2nd code to the first, the message of New() proc doesn't show up. If I use 2nd code, I can't output a message about a creation of the item.
I'll appreciate any help. Thank you.