This issue seems to have come up recently with the latest BYOND updates (since moving to BYOND 48x I would say).

Context menus, any of the text based in-built menus, either on the skin or when clicking objs/mobs etc seem to go unresponsive.

You will click a menu, it opens you hover over what you want and click. Nothing. You click it again. Nothing. Click AGAIN.. nothing. CLICK LIKE A MAD MAN. It eventually works. If you give up and try clicking off the menu, nothing happens either. Sometimes it works fine, but the majority of the time you have to click 5-6 times to get a menu item to click. Its A NIGHTMARE.

This only started happening in the recent BYOND updates, and I know this because the game (my game) has not been updated for about 3 months and all was well for a long while. Then all of a sudden people were posting about this clicking issue, and since the game has not changed I am going to assume BYOND has.

Then I updated to the newest BYOND version myself and started compiling my new builds ready for an update and noticed this occuring for me from then on too. It makes things pretty unplayable.

Has anyone else experienced this or is there something in my code that isnt playing nice with BYONDS latest update.
There has to be something in your code that isn't playing nice with the new update. It has happened to me on your game often but hasn't happened in other games yet.
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Can't think what though. I assume something is taking focus from the menu items but, im stumped.
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Actually I to am having this problem. Other games too like Icon Ultima and my own games. and it has happened since I updated so it must have something to do with the update.
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I spent an hour on it, disabling stuff and removing stuff to see if anything helped. The results were random at best, and the problem was still there.

Hope BYOND are aware of this and will look into it.
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This problem still exists even in the latest BYOND version.

It's a major pain in the arse because not only does it often require an insane amount of clicking to get a function to work (which spoils the experience and causes players to leave out of frustration) but all the reports come back to *me* and nothing I do fix's it.

As mentioned this issue never existed until people started updating the the latest BYOND versions. My game was 'as-is' for 3 months and worked fine then one day, clicking problems... My game didnt change but the BYOND versions did.

If a someone wants to see this (e.g BYOND staff) then go log in to; DuelMonstersGenesis

Right Click/use a menu you'll quickly start to experience missing clicks, which can turn into total ignoring of clicks. You can click 20-30 times in worst cases and get nothing. It even affects the options & messages box btw.
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I thought such a major issue would draw more comments than *just* mine which is why I wanted to be sure its a BUG and not something unique to me.

I will do so now though. Just not sure how much info I can provide because this issue has been going on 2-3 months now.
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If you don't know what to provide(the form asks for the most relevent) they will comment with what else they might need.
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I have done so now anyway.

Hopefully will get some sort of fix.

*EDIT* BYONDHelp?command=view_tracker_issue&tracker_issue=3177

The issue seems to have been resolved, thankfully. Hope thats the case next update :)
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UnknownDuelist wrote:

If a someone wants to see this (e.g BYOND staff) then go log in to; DuelMonstersGenesis

I cannot verify this bug exists on the title you linked as you appear to have my key on your banlist.

Do you have another title at which the problem occurs?

I have encountered no such problems in any of the games I play since updating.