Currently,i've been programming the Ship System for Pirates Online,i've got the movement and finaly got the turf restriction(limiting the ship to only move on water) completed.

I need now tough to know if there was a piece of code that could tell my Get_Step or Bump proc to work on the WHOLE icon and not only a 32x32 part.

You could look into Shadowdarke.BigAtom. It'll handle the density, although I'm not sure if it has a get_step function or not.

Keep in mind that that library was written before "Big Icons" were supported, so some of it wants to break up your icon into tile pieces. You can skip that step, and just worry about the atom parts used for extending your density.
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Any other help?
ummm...what if i added icon_size="?x?" ....would the Get_Step proc know its now dealing with ? size?
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Specifically, you would want to look at bigatom_attempt_step() and bigatom_BumpCheck().

I haven't reviewed the BigAtom lib since BYOND got native support for big atoms, but bigatom_Icon() would be the proc you want to override to allow it to build the denisity stuff without changing the icon. I'm not sure it will work correctly without TILED_ICON_MAP format though. Alternately you could set world.map_format = TILED_ICON_MAP and allow the library to handle all big atoms as it was designed to do.