Last night around 2AM I was brainstorming ideas for my hex engine. I came across a board game, simply called Hex. The rules are simple - connect your two sides of the board with a path of hexes. Determining if a path was complete seemed a difficult concept, but I surprised myself and finished it in under twenty minutes. The game is now fully playable, and should be pretty well shiny and polished. I got it to this state in around four total hours of work. If there is demand, I'll release the source code in the near future. I'll put up a dedicated server later tonight for anyone interested.

A short game against Texter

Edit: Server is up @ byond://
Looks intresting, can't wait to play :p
Might I suggest turning your board the other way. I understand the problem with the text window, but I think that, in this case, aesthetics are more important.
Short answer: no. As you said, the text window would be too small with the map taking up far too much horizontal room. In addition, I'd have to drastically rework my engine to account for tiles of another orientation (point on side instead of on top, 90 degree shift), as well as rework all of the art. No one is really going to play this game after the first couple of days - it basically exists as a demonstration of a hex board game and some practice for me, and I just can't justify going out of my way to do that.

Sorry. :(
This game is great

i think i am good at this game