For some reason my map won't match the size I have set for the Map_Child. And for some other reason, I can't move once my character is created on the map.

Any ideas as to why this is?
Map problem fixed, but I still can't get the character to walk. Any ideas why?
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In response to Chwgt
Do you have macros defined?
In response to Zaoshi
In the interface yes, it worked fine in the older version, but when I remade the interface I used Separate windows for a random login, and after you click to join it brings up the main window. And then you can't move.
In response to Chwgt
Did you choose your macros for main window? I think it's empty by default.
In response to Zaoshi
No, it just has the movement macros that are there by default.

I even tried adding a button on the side of my interface to move him up, and it says Unrecognizable or Inaccessible verb.