I'm trying to mess with default windows, here's my situation:
I have a "characters" splash screen, which pops up when the world is loaded. Through this, you click a button, and it shows the actual world. Now, here's the issue, and what I've tried.

I don't want options & messages to be visible. From what I understand, it shows up if the default window isn't visible. Setting control_freak does not seem to change this.

I've tried setting the characters window to default (even though it isn't recommended, I figured I'd give it a shot), and then modifying it's default properties in the transition from character window to game, which works. However, then the game window does not appear on the taskbar, making it relatively difficult to get back to.
                winshow(src, "characters", 0)
winset(src, "characters","is-default=false")
winset(src, "default","is-default=true")
winshow(src, "default")

.. is basically what the code looks like.
This is the closest I've gotten, but not having the game show up in the taskbar is a dealbreaker to me. Is there any way I can get this, or do I have to bite the bullet and pick one?
Changing default windows isn't really recommended. The strategy I always suggest in these cases is to pick one window to be your default, and put everything else in panes so you can swap them in and out.

Lummox JR