Now the answer is probably No, but I am going to ask anyways, is there any way I can make the players that are re-directed to other servers from my game show up as online on the hub still if my game re-directs to other servers during normal operation of the game?

Like I have 2 servers for each "instance" of the game & to stop having a mass of entries including each part of the game want only 1 entry showing all players in any of the servers of that "instance" of the game.

So basically this would stop me from showing 4 different game entries on the hub for 2 different servers up of the game & show only 2 since each "instance" of this game is on 2 different servers.

---Maybe your asking why do you have 2 different servers? The answer is because my processor is slow on each core & there's no way in BYOND to code for processing stuff on another core, so I want to offload it over the 2 servers so things are sped up overall.

I know there are other ways to speed things up, like re-coding things to offload some processing to the clients or just better code in general, maybe even make custom communication between each individual & my server but this last one stops people from showing up on the games hub too which I wouldn't like.

As for offloading some processing to each client well I am working on some things that may offload some more processing to the clients but I have done quite a bit already & due to how slow each core of my PC is it probably wont be enough which is why I needed to split it up into pieces.
Have your main server keep an overall player count and display that on the hub, set the other servers to invisible. You'll be able to show a player count but you wont be able to have them included in the list of people connected to the server.

If you wanted to do that you'll have to make your own server listing.