Is there anyway to allow one to type a command for a verb into the command bar, but not have it appear when you right-click the mob.

For example, I am constructing my 'Ban' verb. I declare the method as 'Ban(mob/M in world)'. From what I've seen, you can only type a command for a '_____(mob/___)' verb in the command bar if you are capable of right-clicking the mob in question and having access to the verb through that.

The thing is, I have a lot of admin verbs that I want to be accessed through the command bar, but there are only a select few I want to be accessed via right-click (to make things more efficient).

Is it something simple I've just overlooked? Is there some advanced code I can slap in there to do that? Or is it just impossible with the BYOND interface?
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Kaiochao wrote:
set hidden = 1

Thank you for that.
To prevent a verb from appearing in the right-click popup menu, you can set its popup_menu setting to 0.

Setting the hidden setting to 1 does that (removing the verb from the popup menu), and also removes the verb from the info panel (if present) and prevents it from showing up in the automatic command expansion in the command line. Choose which you prefer.
If you don't have an info control, choosing to use popup_menu is a no brainer here, since the only difference would be that you'd retain the automatic command expansion, which allows your admins to use its convenience.