is there any way to make a arrows display on players screen and as player press the arrow in order the arrows start to disapear and on last it gives you new ones.
Things you will need to modify/use:
* client.Move() = This will be called when a client presses and arrow key. Make it check if the arrow pressed is the correct direction or not (via a variable)

* /image = Check out the entry in the image() procedure. You can make it so the arrow is seen by the person you output to, not everyone (do not use overlays)
var/image/I = new('X.dmi', src, "Icon state:x,y", dir=NORTH) // x, y is used for pixel offset, if I remember correctly.
src << I // Displays the /image to src
I.dir = SOUTH // changing the dir
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so how do i know which will come next like if first one is north and 2nd one is east how do i know which will be third
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It is up to you to make it determine that. You can make it happen after someone enters the correct key, you can make it timed. Just think: after I press the key correctly, what should happen afterwards?