I'm using an external MySQL server in my current project. One of the core features is the icons table:
icons (iconID, iconFile)
where iconFile is a longblob.

I have no idea how to store an icon to the iconFile column using Dantom.DB. The documentation is rather sparse and none of the examples I have found help with this particular issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
It should work like any other query, however, there may be a limit on how much data you can actually send at once. Not sure.
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My problem is that I'm not certain how to reference the icon (stored in var/icon/I, which may not have a filename because it could be generated at runtime) in my INSERT or UPDATE query. I have a workaround below that converts the file to text and places it directly in the query, but I was hoping for a way to preserve it as binary data without the extra layer of abstraction.

        var/savefile/S = new()
S << I
var/txt = S.ExportText("/")
var/queryString = "INSERT INTO icons (iconId, iconFile) \
[dbcon.Quote(hash)], [dbcon.Quote(txt)]);"
var/DBQuery/query = dbcon.NewQuery(queryString)
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I honestly can't think of any other method, you could store the raw text generated by the file itself (not the savefile raw, the file-system raw). But that's basically the same thing, except one lets you display the icon in the browser as a png without any extra work.