Is there any reason why missle() does not seem to show if the thing im sending it from is out of view of the target?

Example, the target is off my screen somewhere, and the missle() proc is used to send a bullet or such from me to them. I see it coming from me and going off screen, but they dont (i assumed it would appear on my screen and come towards me??).

I did a quick test with this (since i noticed something wasnt working 100% right in my game) and opened two clients on the same world. I used the the missle() proc to send a number of objs from a set of fixed location. One mob was near this source, and the other was out of view.

Flicking back and forth between the windows when the missle() was being used, I noticed that the mob standing near the source could see all of the objs being sent towards the mob, but the other mob they were being sent too (who couldnt see the source) could only see some of them......

Is this on purpose? How can you over-ride this behaviour if so?
s_missile library would fix this, but that sounds like a bug.
In response to Ripiz
Yeah i know it says its just "visual" which is fine, thats all i need for the purpose im using it for, however unless you have the source within a certain range of you, it seems like you never see them at all. But people standing nearby do.

Will have to file a bug report i guess.