The resulting file is still 32x32, is there anyway to make the file 8x8?

Gave me a png file of size 8x8.

(Using Crop(8,8) gave me a file of size 9x9 due to the 0 offset.)
I don't see why it wouldn't work for you. (Maybe it's a bug?)
In response to Leur
Its 8x8, but padded up to 32x32, I need it to be strictly 8x8.
In response to Tubutas
No, I mean 8x8. As in 8 width and 8 height. See: this from: this using: this (this one turned out 9x9 from 8,8,16,16)
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What version of byond do you have? Mine is 470.1075, Im running windows 7...

Yeah, I just ran your exact code with your exact icon files, and it still padded it upto 32x32.
In response to Tubutas
470.1035 Windows XP Pro (Maybe it's a 7 bug....if you report it make sure to include the offset stuff, that could get annoying 8,8,16,16 returning a 9x9 file.)