how would you use hue to change a skin colour of a person using a meter or something like that.
You would winset() the change in color. To know what parameter to change, you have to look at the skin reference (in DM: Help > Skin reference).

Looking at the SR, you can see you want to change the background-color value. The format of the value is listed in the skin reference.
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ah sorry i think i didnt make it clear. i want a icon to change colour, using the rgb code i first need to know how to get diferent skin [human skin] shade from plae to black. next i wanna know how to do this using a bar
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Given your previous questions, I'd say you would get better replies if you told people what you tried and where you got stuck. That is, assuming that you actually got started and tried to acquire a fundamental knowledge on the language. You need to understand the basics in order to create something, or you are going to be forever stuck with asking people for every little detail, in which case you'd be better of with hireing somebody to work for you.
Now, while learning and being told on a topic or functionality, you really want to search it up in the reference. Carefully study it's interface, it's syntax and all the quirks that come with it.
Generally, when seeking help, you might find the novice programmer guide to success useful when formulating questions, same as Iain's great work on functional specifications.
Right now, you're coming across as help vampire.
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mm thats true but i rather not hire. i read through the whole of the help yet i cant get the hang on coding. Im rather a more better iconner than a coder. I would hire bc -1. i like to be orginal, if you gave me a code i wouldn't use it but learn from it and perhaps make a new coke with the same purpose. 2. I hate owing someone something since i one of those person who you cant trust >.> <.<.