How do I fix the image bug for files like .jpeg .bmp .png on the map. Because when you walk away from the master tile(the tile the picture was placed at on the map) well walk away like 4+ tiles the whole image disapers. Also the whole image but the master tile is not dense when you set it to be.
In the first case, the only solution is to chop them up into smaller chunks (5x5, or 9x9 if you use pixel_x and pixel_y to offset the image so that the actual object is in the center of the image), but the next version of BYOND will have a fix for this so you might as well just wait for it.

In the second case, big icons are still only visual. If you want them to be dense, you'll need to add invisible dense objects at each location that you want to be dense.
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Thanks, I guees I can wait since my game still isn't even bring released yet.
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Wait, whoops, misread version numbers. Are you sure you have version 464?
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Hmm for some reason I was running an older version. I updated via re-downloading.