im making a mod on dungeon master and i found a problem with metal armor icons. right now im remaking all icons and everything works perfectly for me BUT metal armor doesnt work. i already made icon for them but game keeps showing old icons that are already deleted and when i change icon state it still doesnt work but shows no icon at all. anyone experienced this before and know how to fix it? thank you for help
did you wipe all files with .sav, key namees, and tmp. Right now it is getting those files out of the rsc or you never renamed your icon states correctly. It could also be that the icon states are blank so its choosing first one listed blank
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everything is right and i tried to delete saves and tmp files but it didnt work. maybe problem can be in rsc or lk files. would deleting them fix it or make it worse. is there any other way without deleting them
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If all that didn't work then something is wrong in the programming you are overseeing, dont delete rscs that will not help. Give up and make your own game 'cause most people dont like rips? =).
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i somehow fixed it by copying and pasting all states onto other icon, deleting old one and renaming new to old ones name.thanks for help