I'm trying to make a button in my interface that calls the character's more verb with the argument "Hello World", but it keeps giving me the error " Unrecognized or inaccessible verb: more("Hello "

I'm wondering if it's possible to pass arguments through the button's command parameter? If not, is there a way around this?
try to close the parenthesis
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more("Hello World") is what is written in the button's command parameter. sorry for not making that clear.

I tried replacing the space with an underline but it gives me this error.
Unrecognized or inaccessible verb: more("Hello_World")
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It is because, the button thinks that the command is more(), but the command is more. Change the contents to 'more "Hello World"' without '. Will work
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Nope, the didn't work. It may be how I'm doing the verb. I'm just going to do this whole thing a different way. Thanks for the help though!

Actually.. I did it this way to avoid a different problem. Think you would want to help me with that? It's also on buttons.
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How do you have a proc or verb to wait until the player presses an interface button? The only way to do this that I can think of would be to have a while loop constantly check for a variable and then have the button change that variable though a verb. This would really not work for what I want, but if it comes down to it I guess I could do this.
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But like I told you it works! I tried, and it worked! I'm going to send you a picture:
Where more is the name of verb, and the "Hello World" is the argument of more.

Ps.: It will work only if the code of 'more' is like it:
mob/verb/more(message as text)
usr << "[message]" //where user is the target of message, and you can change
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Weird, I tried and it gave me a strange error. I think it may have been because the verb was being given to the player by a mob next to him.
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Try to use my code, and if it works, modify my code...