I have some rather large graphics that I need to display in a list/grid/table format (I could work with any of these options), and I want the graphics to appear full-size. I need to allow the user to drag these graphics onto a grid control (that serves as an action bar) - basically to drag the full-size graphics that represent skills, onto the action bar itself.

As far as I am aware, the browser control does not support drag-and-drop between the browser and any other controls (only within the browser itself), the grid automatically resizes images to fit in a 32x32 box, and stat panels also resize images to fit in the 32x32 box.

Can you think of a better way to handle this than actually putting everything on the map as objects or screen_objects? (which makes "scrolling through the list" a fairly laggy proposition)

I may have also missed some way of jury-rigging grid/info controls so they could display full size images.

Any thoughts?

Does an atom with a big icon using the big native icons functionality still get resized in a grid or info control?

If so, you're essentially screwed here, as you can't use any of the controls that support atom displaying...
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Are you referring to map_format and icon_size as per the Big Icon helpfile in the reference?

map_format is the default (TOPDOWN_MAP) and icon_size is also the default (32). These graphics do display properly on the map itself, however they are shrunk when put into any of the controls I mentioned, at least with the control's default configuration.

I'm not sure if I can twiddle some bits somewhere to change those controls to support bigger icons or not.

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Kaioken wrote:

Yeah, but I already covered that in my first response. =P

It doesn't seem like any of the related settings do the trick for adjusting the behavior of grid/info controls. Does anyone else have any leads on how I could solve this?