Hi, i wanted to know if its possible to make an input that opens when you click on a verb where all your items get in like normal you have your inventory in a statpenel but now in an input. pls leave a comment or demo or somethink.

You could try something like this:
bag = list("Bag of Gold", "Healing Vial", "Club")
bag += "[Close]"
var/selected = input("Select Item", "Inventory") in bag

Of course you may want to format your inventory differently.
Using numbers or Object names to have them loaded into the list in their icon form.
I would help more, but I've never put icons/items in an input list before so this is about as far as I can take you.
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I tried but it doesnt work with my gaming codes maybe you can make a smaal demo? so i know how i can fully add it in my game.
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You'll have to work around with it.
Thats the way I did most of my coding. Check the DM guide/reference for tips and usage for procs.
Be sure to search the Developer articles section well for any examples and tips for you to use as well.

I wouldn't mind helping, but I'm still very much a novice to DM language, myself. So I can't really give much more than just basic information.

Best of luck to you though.
Could you do it through a grid? Have all your options in the grid, with their icon.