Ok, how would I go about refreshing what's in a output window?
Ok, how would I go about figuring out what you mean by "refreshing what's in a output window"?
Use common sense and write your posts so that someone who can't read your mind will still be able to understand what you're talking about.
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Ok, example:

Say I have a Private Messaging Window, you open it and use it to communicate with another player. I would I go about clearing the messages off of that window?

Messenger(mob/M in world)
set hidden = 1
PM(M as text)
src << output("<b>[src.key]</b>:[M]","PMOut")

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Why would you want to if it's for private messaging?
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I want to make it where you can clear the window if you want.
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You can clear an output control (and other controls) by outputting null to it through the output() proc.
(For future reference, 'refreshing' is not 'clearing'.)
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Thank you.