Heya. I was mapping today and noticed something, the game views the map, not the character/player. So i'm wondering, how can i make the camera view follow my character? This is a troubling thing if you do a big map.

Also, how can i create Area of Effect? I was looking at MechClouds spawndemo and tried out the trap code. But when i compiled it couldn't recognize the code. I mean, how can i make a turf kill?

Thank you for answering.
To force the camera to follow the player, I think you can set client/view to some specific value or client/eye to the player. Otherwise, it will automatically fix the camera on the map if it's small enough.

As for your other question, it's all over the place and doesn't particularly make sense. To get a list of all *whatevers* in a certain range, use oview(center, range) or orange(center, range). To iterate through that list, use for(). So, for example: for(var/mob/M in oview(src, 2))

To "make a turf kill", you would modify its Entered() proc, like so:

//make sure M is the type we said it is (a mob)
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Odd...tested it and it stood it couldn't identify the code. Now when i reentered it it worked. It closed my connection though as i don't got a hp system yet.