i have a problem with hosting person. i searched answer in tutorials and libraries but i cant find any help. when person becomes host and server saves him as host and servers shares same savefiles, then person who was host once will get host commands in other servers,but if server wont save player as host then host who will relog will lose host commands. i want to ask is it possible to make person a host for ONE server not all.
Yes: don't put that stuff in the savefile.
In response to Garthor
but if host needs to relog he will lose host status
In response to Martys1103
No, no need to save or load the host's key at all; in your Login() proc, just put:

if(key ==
// [give host verbs]

In response to Nielz
I'm thinking the whole mob is being saved, including all the verbs he has, and that he's not actually saving who the host is??? maybe...

Anyways, you could use that if() then do an else() to remove the verbs if the person has them.