I was wondering, is this possible.
Because of the way I have things set up on my skin, parts of my map are covered up with elements, so it would be nice to make them translucent (basicly giving them a lower alpha content)
You can make windows translucent. You can only make controls completely transparent.
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how does one go about this? In the skin ref is tells me that the background-color needs the params #RRGGBB, no AA :F
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In the skin editor, there's a bar for opacity while editing windows.
Labels can be Transparent. I think it might just be only labels, maybe buttons too.
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That makes the background go translucent too,
I only need the elements ontop of the map to change;

see the elements ontop of the map >.<
In response to Rushnut
Put them in another window positioned where you want it to be. Make that window translucent.
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Then I have an overlay of that window ontop, the background of the old window too.