Well I have 2 problems. Wellll...I was wondering how I download my game to the hub so that others can download it and host it. And i was wondering if you could help me with a transformation code...So that when u press a verb it the usr transforms into the icon I have and when they press it again they return to normal. I've asked everyone but even no1 can help me and i've tryed every code I know and I just cant get it right. Idk if you understand what im saying about the code but I would really appreciate your help.
There's a guide to publishing BYOND games here.

As for your second question, assuming you have a variable for when a player transforms, I'd do something similar to this;

icon=transformed ? 'transformed_icon.dmi' : 'default_icon.dmi'
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Ok. Ty for the site. But the code isn't working...

icon=transformed ? 'transformed_icon.dmi' : 'default_icon.dmi'

I actually need it as a verb in an org like akat invit or akat boot. Only..Transform..I was thinking something like..

set name = "Transform"
set category = "Werewolf"
icon=transformed ? 'Werewolf.dmi' : 'BaseT.dmi'

But it says that icon=transformed ? 'Werewolf.dmi' : 'BaseT.dmi'
some where in there is a missing expression. And I took out the whole transformed=!transformed Thing because it said that was somesort of error.