Bit of a strange one really, something so simple seems to be so frustrating.

I was trying to add a few macros to my game, and i noticed that it was not capturing the key command. Instead it was typing it into my command box (the chat box).
Even when i clicked off that pane on the map (or anywhere else in the game window actually) it still put the commands i typed into the chat input box.

I decided to define my own macros manually, to see what happened. It worked fine then as it should...

Really not sure what im doing wrong, even when i defined command_text as " .alt " in the game, when i hit the commands that are linked to macros (i made a *.dms file with them in) it just typed it after .alt instead of doing it...

.dms files are outdated. For macros, use interface files and define the commands in there.