In the previous of versions of byond i was able to use auto hotkey. I like playing with my controller and this is the easiest way to do it. Also my right arrow key is broken and its kinda hard to play games with only three directions.
...So your question is? Or was this suppose to go under Computers & Technology?

If my right key was broken, I would edit the macro/skin so it would be using something akin to the ASWD keys.
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Did that, but some games [Control_Freak?] disable me from setting custom macros, so those don't work.

[Edit] My question is can it work with byond anymore? If no then why not? [/Edit]
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Well Control Freak Puts Certian Limits
Well if u exceed it then - it wont work with the game only
Why not - Is Ques maybe Professional DMs can anser
My guess - Dantom made it like that