Blah blah blah.. skin problems i've tried and tried, i've asked for help, i've read the tutorial 5 times!! So i'll let the experts work with it

Need any other files then just add my key and page me..
A skin file by itself isn't much to go on, and really, we'd probably need near full access to the source if you wanted someone to fix it for you, if it's even fixable. I certainly don't suggest uploading your source, but if you can reproduce this bug in a small demo, we can fix it there instead. I really can't suggest anything to try, maybe you could turn off the Drop Zone option for the stat panel and see if it helps.
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Well ok i'll get to work on the demo.. but first i've got a .dme bug that won't let me run my compiled game. I'm going to have to manually rebuild the game thank god for copy and paste...