How exactly do I get a macro to execute?

command_text=".alt "
space return "shoot"
t return "say \..."
I tried pushing both the space bar and t to no result. I have created both verbs already.
A. The macro syntax isn't implemented like that. It's not quite DM, but DM Script, which is implemented by an included DMS file or through a text string set to the client/script variable. Look 'em up in the DM Ref for more info.

B. That's the old way to implement macros, anyway. The up-to-date method involves adding them by a skin file through the Interface Editor, which has more options and is easier to use.
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I'm unaware of how to use the more up-to-date method. I only got back to programming like two weeks ago :o
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1) Create an interface file.
-If you want to use the default interface, copy it from BYOND's folder to your game's first (search for the DMF file).
2) Open it.
3) Add macros.
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Hmm, it's that easy? I think I might also consider using it for the winset options, however it's been described to me before how to use them and I still don't understand. Is there some kind of guide I can read over, or has it been added to the blue book? Or if it's really simple, if you could just explain it as if I was an idiot (it's how I learn best :p)
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I went back and made the macros with the dmf file. Why when I add it to the game, when I run the game the screen is blank?

EDIT:Oh Mai Gawd. I just screwed around with it and I see a lot of potential. Setting the screen size, where the options go, etc! Awesome!

EDIT: Okay, a lot still makes no sense. I made a new window for the map but it's really tiny and doesn't respond when I try to move my character etc.
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You'll want to just copy BYOND's default interface to your game folder, then edit that to do your little tweaks and add macros (etc), at least for now, since you don't really know how to work with the Interface Editor yet. Simply copy the "byond.dmf" file from your BYOND program's folder's "cfg" folder (BYOND\cfg\byond.dmf) to the project folder, rename it or whatever, and edit away.