Well again i read the skin tutorials and stuff but again theres a problem the first problem was i couldnt get the output box to work.. well thats fixed now i have two more problems: 1) now that im using the new skin it wont let me move my person or use my macros at all... 2) the input box i set the command to worldsay and i have a verb called worldsay but if you type something in it(itw wont let you type spaces) and press enter it says unrecognized or undefined verb.. or something like that... any help?
1) You have to redefine all your macros in the skin editor when you create a new skin
2) Make sure you capitalized/spaced correctly. In the skin editor (macros commands etc), a space = a -
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Okay somethings definitly wrong here o.o see if i say something i can move but if i say something else i cant also after a short period even if i dont say anything i can i quit being able to move o.o note i know theres nothing wrong with my worldsay code or my movement code their very simple no way i could mess it up o.o
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You lack sense and/or grammar.
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no its just im trying to do a million things at once