i get an error when hosting a game, but there is no error on the dm ?


the soldier (/mob/fighter): Move(the sand (78,22,2) (/turf/sand), 8)
runtime error: Cannot execute null.Move().
proc name: Move (/mob/Move)
usr: the soldier (/mob/fighter)
src: the soldier (/mob/fighter)
call stack:

proc Move is a process for following main char? do i have to change that process's name?
Runtime errors are nothing out of the ordinary. The compiler can't catch everything.

You're calling something.Move() somewhere within mob/Move(), but that something is null. Therefore: an error. We'd need to see your Move() proc.

And this belongs in Code Problems.
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sorry for the missplaced message :0


var/lastfollow = loc
if( . && follower)

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You are assigning the follower variable incorrectly. Show where you set it.
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Garthor you rock!

var/mob/follower = 0
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should they = ""
or.. what/why they wrong?
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No. They should never be "", or 0, or anything that isn't a mob or null. Technically, setting the variable to 0 will not cause an error, but that doesn't make it correct.

The error stems from some other part of your code, where you are setting the variable to something like "Bob" or 1. Both of these are very wrong, as neither of them are mobs, and your variable is of type /mob.

A proper example of how you'd assign the variable:

M.follower = src

(Not actually a good verb to use, it's just an example)

What YOU probably did is M.follower = "[src]", or something similar. This is totally wrong and will cause an error.