I've got a list of objects
is there a way to just directly refernce the objects?
something like:

that doesnt work due to the []s
so what i have to do is

not exactly a major concern, just a minor waste of time and space <.<
so anyone know a way to do something like the first example instead?
Hmm I'm not really sure how your would directly reference and obj but I'm pretty sure you can use a loop to access the properties.
for(var/obj/O in SomeList)

That was just a random sample.
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well, the list contains several datums, which each contain a list of their own, which you can only have one of these selected at a time, and you use the left/right arrows to go through them. so something like
//something like this code would be on the right arrow
//to select the next list

but i cant do that due to the []s so i have to create a variable for the datum first, which as i said is nothing major, just somewhat inconvenient
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Nope, BYOND doesn't support this. It gets a bit annoying when you have a type path which is really long, but it is because lists are untyped, so DM doesn't know what the list contains at compile time.