Ok i go into my game and i made a simple chat verb then i goto my interface and make a input/output box they work fine but i made a macro (a for attack) then a only uses that macro i cant type anything with a at all so if anyone has anything that can help me Please leave a reply i dont want to use Alt+ space+ or anything like that becuase that would be too weird for my players

if possible (like in 3.5 and below) can i make a ALT button?
Unfortunately macros in 4.0 work differently than in previous versions if you don't provide the 'ALT' 'CTRL' or 'SHIFT' flags it'll assume you want the macro to execute no matter what if you press that key.

A simple way (I believe works) to add an 'ALT' button is by creating a button that executes a verb that sets client/macro_mode to true or false (1 or 0) which will enable macros with the ALT flag set to be executed without the alt button pressed.
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