What I have is multiple codes to get into a car, plane, etc.
I also some codes to disguise yourself with boxes and clothes. What happens though is that I only know how to make your character able to be one icon when he gets out of the vehicle or disguise. What I want is to still have an AK47 equiped when I exit my vehicle instead of coming out unarmed. This would be simple of course if I had only one weapon icon for my guy, but I have many. So if I have an AK OR a pistol I want to come out with which ever icon that I was before I changed. Is there a way to have this happen?

Thanks in advance!
Anyone know? Or is this a stupid question?
(sorry for the fact that Im not being patient but I've only got a limited amount of time before I have to go to bed and I won't be able to check this tommorrow.)
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Post code.
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set src in oview(1)
for(var/obj/hummer/O in usr)
usr<<"You get out."
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Is anyone there?...

I posted this code about 2 days ago.......
Simply store what weapon the player has equipped before he goes into a vehicle, then use that variable when he gets out to give him the weapon again. :)
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sorry fer the last post. I never say wat elation wrote...but anyway, bak to wat he said. That would be an easy way to do it but I would hate having to change my weapon every time I get out of a car, change clothes, or teleport to another area.
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uhhh ah just code usr.eqqipet as a overlay when u get out simple