var/mylist=new /list(size=4)

I'm trying to figure how to have a static list(on a map, that wont close out, and stays open(useing the byond interface, to set up tabs for differant lists). The blue book tells you how to start a code, but I can't seem to get enough info, to impervise/allow me to learn how to make a custom string of code, that works the way I want to have it.

I'm trying to make a MTG card game, and would like the lists displayed like how Kajika has his, in DMO.

Can someone help please, the blue book syplifies things to the exstream, there for I can't figure out how to add to it, there is nothing there that would be practicle, for the type of list I want?

Look up the 'list' entry and related entries in the DM Reference first.

And you should really take time to think when coding, as that code makes no sense. You're trying to call list() in a variable assignation but there is no variable name, and then you have a more proper attempt to create another list, but the path node for that obviously ends up as /mob/var/var/mylist, which is incorrect.