Well I have been creating a kind of odd building game.
Anyway after the player has successfully created an Android in it I wanted them to be able to rename it and program it to say an simple one lined message, like the other npcs.
I am sure that it isnít to difficult but I can't seem to think how to do it at the moment.
I believe that it could be something like a verb that changes a var on the mob.
Rename(M as mob in world)
set name = "Rename"
set category = "Staff"
set desc="Change a player's name."
var/varOldName = M:name
var/varNewName = input(usr,"Change to what?","New Name","[M:name]") as text
M:name = varNewName
world << "<font size=2 color=red><b>[varOldName] is now [varNewName]"

Here's a GM rename verb. I think this is the dealio you were looking for. Just edit the vars and that to conform to your code.

If this isn't what you wanted: Try reposting your post; but with punctuation and grammar.
That's full stops, commas, colons, semi-colons, quotation marks, etc. o_o
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lol thanks for the code to rename them, but that was only one thing I wanted. The other was a way of changing what the npc says using a verb, i beleieve I may try it myself at this moment but you and others can still post some codes for help becasue you would probably make a better code for it.
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icon = 'Player.dmi'
icon_state = "android"
name = "Built Android"
//name = "Generator"
mouse_over_pointer = 1
set category = null
set desc = "Drop object."
usr << "You dropped [src]"
set src in oview(1)
if(src.density == 1)
usr<<"That Android Is Deployed, You can't pick it up!"
else if(src.density == 0)

Thats the pickup and drop code then I made some rubbish bits

msg = "I am a player built Npc"

whatsay(arg as text)
set name = "Change What They Say"
set category = null
src.msg = arg
usr<<"Once Deployed an Android Cannot be picked up"

set name = "Deploy Android"
set category = null
src.density = 1

usr<<"[src]: [src.msg]"

It works how I want just a bit messier than I thought.

By the way I usally use a DblClick() to pickup.