I know that there have been a couple questions about this but ive tried different hosting companies to host my game as a .zip file but all of them make it say unzip failed when you try to download it. the game is Freeze Tag HideAway if you need to test it. but if you have any idea why, it would be helpful
How did you zipped it, via Dream Maker or another way. If you didn't do it with DM, that's pretty much the reaon right there. Try zipping this way and upload it: Dream Maker > Build > Package Files > Follow Instructions

- GhostAnime
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Yeah I used DM and packaged them as world executable files, then uploaded the zip file that it created
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DM Packaging fails because it makes a folder inside the zip. Try zipping the .rsc and executable file yourself. This way, the zip is:

instead of:

Atleast it works for me O,o
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thats a good idea, that was kind of what I was thinking but was waiting for a reply